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Insurance Continuing Education Transcripts

Eagle Education Systems is dedicated to serving all of your Insurance CE needs. There are two different sites where producers can check their CE Transcripts:

  • For current information:
    Please read the following instructions:
    • On the Sircon page, click 'Education Transcript Inquiry'.
    • Fill in the form
      Note: In the 'License No' field:
      • DO NOT include the prefix of your license
      • DO NOT include any preceeding zeros
    • Click 'Submit'

    Click Here to check for Current Transcripts

  • For transcripts prior to 2005:

    Click Here to check transcripts prior to 2005!

  • For more information, contact the Colorado Division of Insurance:

    Colorado Division of Insurance

If you are unable to retreive your transcripts using the above instructions, please feel free to Contact Us for more assistance.

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